Timeline of Events:

-1997-2001, while living in Massachusetts, my ideas and invention started when I was training for a series of Toughman boxing matches, (FX Channel hosted by Matt Vasgerian and Lawrence Taylor), and while walking up steep hills with my golf bag while playing at a local course.

I wanted to increase my speed, strength, and endurance. I accomplished this by adding weight to my boxing gloves with a $3 roll of electrical tape. After training with these weighted gloves and golf bag. I realized that the extra weight was beneficial. I thought I could achieve similar success by training with a weighted shirt. I realized that besides the traditional weighted vests, there was no other such invention in the world.

From 2001-2016, as I moved to and from many locations throughout the country, my invention suffered, due to poor judgment and decision making. But I always kept meticulous notes, records, and emails from each business I contacted to discover the best material to use as my lining. These records ranged from a weighted blanket company, lawyers, several fabric suppliers, a wet suit designer, a Gel manufacturer (Southwest Technologies and Cindy Belt), Nike, and Under Armour.

-2001-04, as I was living in California, I entered an NBC open casting call for new inventors at the Jay Leno studio (similar to SharkTank). During this audition is when I first publicly announced my idea of a weighted athletic training shirt "to assist amateur or professional athletes, and the average Joe with their workout routines." At this time, my four prototypes were not created, but the producers still liked my plans and invited me to come back at a future date; but the show was canceled. I was frustrated the show was canceled; but after receiving the producer’s positive feedback, I decided to expand on my idea and make this dream possible.

-2004-2008, as I was living in Las Vegas and MA, I contacted a weighted blanket company (which helps kids with Autism) and a seamstress to manufacture my first prototype out of blanket pellets. These pellets were not the proper material for my shirts, and the seamstress could not offer any assistance.

-February 2007 Weighted Blanket Co.
-April 12, 2007 www.patentbuddy.com,
-April 25, 2007 Registered Patent Attorney
-June 22, 2007 (Idea Submission Confirmed). I received my first of four Confidentiality Agreements. My first was from a Patent Lawyer, and the remaining 3 were from Southwest Technologies and Cindy Belt.

Dear Salah Zabian,
This email confirms that we received your Confidentiality Agreement for your New Idea or Invention on Friday Jun, 22 2007 at 01:36 AM EDT. (Significant in court on May 20, 2015.)

November 2008, I contact a Lee, MA seamstress to assist with my idea, and she led me to a retail Fabric supplier in Pittsfield and a sewing machine retailer in W. Springfield, MA, who in turn led me to (Don) D.P. Douglas, a Wet Suit manufacturer, also located in W. Springfield.

-December 2008, Don and I manufacture my 1st and only rubber based prototype. I quickly realized this prototype was not successful, and I needed another substance as a weighted material.

-January 6, 2009 Foamorder.com. After phone calls, I realized foam was not the proper substance.

-Jan 10, 2009 the start of the 2009 Georgia Tech InVenture Prize Contest (IPC).

Patrick does not enter this 2009 contest.

 (“In 2007” as documented on the court Transcript; Patrick Whaley purchases “1000 sheets of Gel” from a “Hardware Store”, OR “Southwest Technologies”, OR a “Medical Supplier” (Patrick does NOT “remember”).

As described on Patrick’s website / titintech.com

a. “founded TITIN Tech in the basement of his home”

b. “During his high school years, sketches were drawn, and not too long after that, prototypes were being made”

c. “TITIN” “founded in 2005 in his dorm room”

Based on Patrick, Karin, and Cindy’s court documents Patrick should have entered the January 10, 2009 IPC, but he does not, because he doesn’t hear of my invention until May of 2009.

-February 13-27, 2009 I contact other suppliers, looking for the best material to use as my lining. 

-February 13, 2009 Home Sewing Patterns
-February 13, 2009 Sewing Company 
-February 14, 2009 Fabric Cutting Company
-February 18, 2009 To: info@(left out for privacy).com
-February 27, 2009 Sal You should use foamorder.com as your source for now.

-March 8-11 2009, came my Eureka moment, upon accidently seeing a pair of Dr. Scholl's Gel inserts located on a rack within my local supermarket (Price Chopper, Lee, MA). I researched Gel suppliers and Southwest Technologies, located in Kansas City, Missouri (elastogel.com).

-March 12, 2009 my first phone conversation with Southwest Technologies (SWT) Account Rep. Cindy Belt (Each conversation and email comes with a Confidentiality Notice). INSTANTLY, Cindy and I began a business friendship, because when you speak with her, she loves to talk!! She understood my passion, thoughts, and hopes in creating a weighted shirt. We spoke intensely why my rubber based prototype did not accomplish my goals and why Gel was a better substitute. We also spoke about the proper material to use as a lining to hold the Gel. Since I was convinced Gel was the best material to use, I told Cindy I would again call her.

Southwest Technologies (Confidentiality Notice): This E-Mail, including attachments, is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is address and may contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure, or distribution is prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please do not distribute it. Please notify the sender by E-Mail at the address shown and delete the original message.”

-March 27, 2009 my first purchase of Gel from Cindy Belt. We spoke in-depth, and she had to locate extra "scraps," because she knew exactly the dimensions of my torso to complete my shirt.

I then drove to Holbrook, Massachusetts, on two separate occasions and purchased neoprene lining from Eric and John, at Eastex Products. This lining would be used to create each of my 3 Gel prototypes. 

-April 2009 I contacted Don again, and we manufactured my first Gel prototype. Corrections were needed; so I called Cindy again.

-April 21, 2009 my second purchase of Gel from Cindy Belt and creation of my 2nd Gel prototype. We spoke in-depth again about what was good and what still needed to be corrected for this prototype. This is why I was shocked to learn in Cindy’s submitted sworn affidavit she explains (“whatever he’s making”) not knowing the reason I called her on four separate occasions. We would speak 30-60 minutes with each conversation. Oddly, in the same Affidavit, she documents me purchasing lining from a Boston company. Within 2 pages of this Affidavit, she knows nothing, and then she offers a great description!

-May 4, 2009 Patrick Whaley gets shot in a parking lot at GT and needs healing Gel from Southwest Technologies to “remove scar tissue”. (A BLESSING IN DISGUISE FOR HIM)

"I used TITIN for an hour a day for 2 weeks heating the gels to help remove scar tissue. Whaley said”. 

This was NOT possible!!! TITIN was not created in 2009 during or before his injury. TITIN and “Omegawear” were only created months after he called Cindy to purchase healing Gel to “remove scar tissue”. The creation of TITIN and “Omegawear” has NEVER been documented ANYWHERE pre 2010 and the Georgia Tech InVenture Prize Contest!!!

-May 7 to May 15, 2009 Patrick calls Cindy to purchase “human rehabilitation” Gel to “remove scar tissue”. This is when Cindy reveals ALL of my thoughts and prototypes to Patrick.

I’ve asked Patrick and his Lawyers, Cindy, the CEO and President of Southwest Technologies for a better explanation. In return, I’ve received Lies, Gimmicks, and Nonsense!!!

Because I had four Confidentiality Agreements (one from the Lawyer and three from Cindy Belt), I assumed my prototypes and invention were protected by law. Why have written agreements, if they mean nothing!!

-August 17, 2009 Patrick starts his senior year at GT, and enters the 2010, InVenture Prize Contest with “Omegawear” a weighted shirt manufactured with Gel.

-March 17, 2010 Patrick Whaley wins the 2010 InVenture Prize Contest with “Omegawear” 

-September 20, 2010 I contact Invention Assistance Organization.

-December 2, 2010 my third Credit Card purchase of Gel from Cindy. I was living in a hotel in Panama City Beach, FL, when I made this purchase. At my request, she mails this Gel to a Super 8 Hotel in Lee, MA, my newest location. During this call, if Cindy had nothing to hide from me, she would have told me about Patrick and his victory nine months earlier in the 2010 InVenture Prize Contest, with my IDENTICAL invention. Cindy knew why I was buying Gel, and she knew what Patrick was doing with my invention. If Cindy had told me anything about Patrick, I would have realized the truth and caught her "red handed" for stealing my invention. My phone call must have caused Cindy to become distracted and confused, because at least five days later, after I received my third sheet of Gel in the mail, she called me for my credit card information AGAIN. This was the first time Cindy called me. I remember every portion of this call; because I was sitting in my car, in the parking lot of the Hotel, and I joked I was not going to pay her, because I had already received the Gel. 

-June 10, 2011 I pick up my 3rd gel prototype. June 1, 2011, a Tornado strikes Don’s place of work and causes damage.

During this period, when I put my invention on hold, I left my four prototypes within eye sight, so that when I contacted Nike and Under Armour, I could continue. 

-July 29, 2014 I submit my invention to Nike. “you must have a patent for your idea” to speak with them.

-July 29, 2014 I submit my invention to Under Armour idea submission (UA) Future Show. When I sent this email, I was not aware UA had a Future Show Innovation Challenge for the month of October.

-September 29, 2014 UA Ideas Team my39@underarmour.com response

“Unfortunately we are not going to extend an invitation for your idea “365 All Seasons Training Apparel/Gear”.

 “therefore we have heard a lot of the same ideas, many times. Thank you very much,
Team Under Armour”

 Patrick had already won $10,000 from Under Armour with my invention.

September 29 2014, after I received Under Armour’s denial letter and realized they had a “Future Show” for the month of October. I decided to wait until November 3rd, the first business day after this show was completed, and call UA headquarters (Baltimore, MD) to demand a meeting with whomever, so they could give me input on how to make my four prototypes better. BUT, this trip and my plans were put on immediate hold after watching the October 31, 2014 SharkTank episode.

By coincidence, I was watching the October 31, 2014 episode of SharkTank (Mark Cuban is a Genius with his “B.S. Meter”) and realized Patrick Whaley was on TV with my identical invention. Initially, I was taken back and frustrated my idea had been created, but I was not angry. That evening after the show I sent TITIN an email (on Tab 4) congratulating them for their invention. For the first two nights after this episode, I NEVER thought Patrick Whaley and Titintech stole my idea. Then on Sunday, November 2, 2014 the idea came to me that possibly Patrick Whaley may have stolen my idea. I thought why not complete some sort of investigation and at the very least if Patrick did not steal my idea, I could then clear my thoughts and just move forward and be content with Patrick’s success. But this was not the case; so my investigation has led me to the truth.

Clips of my email to TITIN:

“I also thought to submit my idea to Shark Tank, but you arrived first. Last month I approached Under Armour idea submission.”

“This product is a great idea, with tremendous potential. I am interested with any communication.”

 October 31, 2014 TITIN response, info@titintech.com Thank you for your interest in TITIN! Let me know if there is anything we can do for you!



-November, 3, 2014 I started my investigation and canceled my drive to Maryland and Under Armour (UA). I began a relentless investigation, completing internet searches, phone calls, and emails, trying to discover how Patrick Whaley created “his” version of my invention. Along the way I realized he stole my invention with the DIRECT assistance of Cindy Belt and Southwest Technologies (the ONLY person and business I used to create my 3 Gel prototypes), and he had already won $10,000 from UA by utilizing the same “Future Show” I entered.

-December 12 & 16, 2014 I completed my investigation and sent all a 26 page and a 16 page document explaining how Patrick and Cindy stole my invention.

-December 12, 2014 thru January 31, 2015, I asked questions and in return I received lies, gimmicks, and nonsense for answers, because I was not represented by an attorney.

-February 1-28, 2015, I make plans to move to GA and file a pro se case.

-March 1, 2015, I move to GA, crashing my vehicle in PA on the way, and, unbelievably, walk away without injury.

-March 5, 2015, by COINCIDENCE, I find a job at an Atlanta based gym, literally next door to TITIN. I work out with and see Patrick & employees every day at work. They don’t recognize me. I get released by this gym, because SharkTank is taping a follow up/success story about TITIN, and I get fired up!!!!

During this four month period before any court dates, ALL of their replies clearly stated Patrick Whaley Conceived and Invented the World’s First Weighted Compression Gear by himself, and I accidentally had the same idea.

Also, Patrick, Cindy, the CEO and President of Southwest Technologies, and their lawyers, NEVER indicated to me:

1. Cindy and Patrick first met and began speaking “recently” in 2014. (They all led me to believe, since 2009, they had always been in contact.)

2. Prior to “recently” 2014; Patrick had only been speaking and working with a Karin Kennedy. (Until the May 20 court date, I NEVER knew Karin existed.)

3. Karin, Southwest, and Patrick, had a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

4. In “2007” Patrick purchased “1000 Sheets of Gel from Southwest Technologies” and Karin Kennedy. Which meant 1000 sheets equal 1000 prototypes or at the very least one prototype. Pre GT 2010 InVenture Prize Contest, there has NEVER been one photo of any of these HISTORIC prototypes. As a student with tremendous focus, Patrick had two years to enter the GT 2009 InVenture Prize Contest with ONE Prototype, never mind 1000 Prototypes, for which he NEVER did!!! 

ALL four surprises are mentioned within the court transcript.

-March 18, 2015, I file my pro-case against Patrick Whaley within the Forsyth, GA court. May 7, 2015 was our first scheduled court date. I receive an email, and this date mysteriously changes to April 30, 2015.

-April 16, 2015 Judge Bagley “denies” a motion brought forward from Whaley's lawyers; “The court DENIES Whaley’s TRO application”; "because they may prevent the dissemination of truthful information". I assumed my pro se case had momentum going forward, but I was wrong. I assumed this judge was telling me he believed Whaley and his Lawyers where “spreading widely” false information. But in reality, he was preparing me to get steamrolled on April 30 by a new entrepreneurial movement within the city of Atlanta.

-April 30, 2015 This Court date mysteriously changes again to May 20, 2015. But between April 30 & May 20 a “Key witness” for Patrick Whaley Appears then Disappears without any reasons. This judge and court documents tell me this next court date will last for a maximum of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

-May 20, 2015 Court date: Based on deception from this judge and court documents this scheduled 1 hour and 30 minute court date lasts 5 hours and 30 minutes. It is my belief this judge’s gavel comes down on me several times primarily based on the facts and questions I introduced with the “12/12/14 Patrick Whaley Letter”. This letter caused the defense and Judge to create a False contact person named Karin Kennedy, a False “Cindy Belt Affidavit” and a False “Non-Disclosure Agreement”.

Below is ONE of the primary questions I asked

-What are the chances/odds that Salah Zabian LIVING in Lee, and Lenox, Massachusetts, and Patrick Whaley from Atlanta, Georgia, who worked/Co-op at Factory Automation Systems in Atlanta, Georgia (at the time/close to “his” creation) would be the ONLY TWO INDIVIDUALS IN THE WORLD that would contact Southwest Technologies and Cindy Belt located in North Kansas City, MO AT THE IDENTICAL TIME (within days/weeks of EACH OTHER) with the IDENTICAL INVENTION to create a Gel Based Weighted Athletic Shirt??? (This ONE question and FACTS I supplied in my letter caused a court room of lies.)

-July 2015, Dick’s Sporting Goods VP calls me and explains there is nothing they can do, because it’s a court matter.

-August 22, 2015, I publish my website, I receive threatening letters from Patrick to appear in court on October 8, 2015.

-October 8, 2015, our last scheduled Court date: I am NOW being sued by Patrick because I disobeyed a court order AND because I disobeyed an Interlocutory Injunction. I did NOT appear in court and no one holds me accountable.

-November 3, 2015, the link below is created AFTER I publish this website and for the FIRST time Patrick Whaley/Clark Kent suggests he MAY have gotten this idea from me!!!


“If I never activated those ideas,” “then the ideas, in essence, were worthless.”

1) I had more than ideas; I had FOUR prototypes!!!

2) I had more than ideas; I had FIVE CONFIDENTIAL agreements!!!

3) I had more than ideas; I got my head bashed in for these prototypes!!!

4) What I didn’t have was a lawyer to defend myself against a Circus of Lies, Gimmicks, and Nonsense!!!

5) Patrick Whaley had a “worthless” Engineering Degree UNTIL he stole my Invention!!!