August 25, 2015 Patrick and his lawyers sent me documents to appear in court on October 8, 2015. They have sued and threatened me with jail for disobeying Judge Bagley’s Interlocutory Injunction and Contempt of court.

On the morning of October 8, 2015, I called Judge Bagley’s receptionist, and I left two voice messages indicating I could not appear in court today. I assumed my actions would not be tolerated, and I would receive additional court documents demanding I appear at a future date. It has been months and I have NOT heard a word from this judge or lawyers.

I do not understand why I have been given a free pass for missing a court date, breaking an Interlocutory Injunction, and Contempt of court.

There is only ONE answer to all this mess. Either I am lying; or Patrick, Cindy, and Karin are lying. There is NO in between!!! 

This website explained how SharkTank (October 31, 2014), Daymond John, Under Armour, and a Georgia Judge, have glorified Patrick Whaley as being an entrepreneur and innovator, of which he is NEITHER.

Patrick Whaley is a guy who stole my invention and is Living a Lie

Salah E. Zabian