Mark Cuban is a Genius with his October 31, 2014 SharkTank Patrick Whaley “BS METER”. TITIN and Patrick Whaley’s entire business is based on lies..

In 6 months of communication prior to the May 20, 2015 court date. Patrick, Cindy, the CEO and President of Southwest Technology, and their lawyers, NEVER indicated to me:

1. Cindy and Patrick first met and began speaking “recently” in 2014. (They all led me to believe, since 2009, they had always been in contact.)

2. Prior to “recently” 2014; Patrick had only been speaking and working with a Karin Kennedy. (Until the May 20 court date, I NEVER knew Karin existed.)

3. Karin, Southwest, and Patrick, had a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

4. In “2007” Patrick purchased “1000 Sheets of Gel from Southwest Technology” and Karin Kennedy. Which meant 1000 sheets equal 1000 prototypes or at the very least one prototype. Pre GT 2010 InVenture Prize Contest, there has NEVER been one photo of any of these HISTORIC prototypes. As a student with tremendous focus, Patrick had two years to enter the GT 2009 InVenture Prize Contest with ONE Prototype, never mind 1000 Prototypes.  

It was only during court these four surprises are mentioned.

IF ANY, OR ONE of the above statements is true, then the following December 13, 2014 Patrick Whaley email reply to me, must be a lie.

“-If you contacted Cindy in 2009 then you knew of my shooting on May 4, 2009 and saw my product on ABC News station Ch2:” 

1) How would Cindy know of Patrick's shooting in 2009, when they only met "recently" in 2014?

2) How would I know of this shooting, since I NEVER knew Patrick existed until the October 31, 2014 SharkTank episode?

3) Since Patrick had been ONLY working with Karin, why would Cindy know anything? If Cindy did know anything, then her revealing any of Patrick's invention and personal information to me would have broken the law, and the Southwest Non-Disclosure Agreement. Then ironically, Patrick would have sued Southwest, instead of him suing me!!!

4) This is why I was “shocked” to learn Cindy was denying why I contacted her several times in two years. 

Cindy’s “whatever he’s making” Affidavit response is ludicrous!!

She had to locate extra "scraps," because she knew exactly the dimensions I needed to complete my shirt.

From his interview with WXIA television, Patrick Whaley said:

"I used TITIN for an hour a day for 2 weeks heating the gels to help remove scar tissue." Whaley said. 

A) Patrick ONLY used Southwest Technology Gel in May 2009, "to help remove scar tissue", and THAT'S IT, because TITIN was created in 2010, NOT 2009.

B) Prior to 2009, Patrick NEVER states the combination of Gel and a weighted shirt in any sentence. Patrick and his lawyers have NEVER supplied any documented proof of ANY purchase of Gel from any company. If they did, this would have been devastating to my case!!!!

Below, ironically, is ONE incident, with THREE different explanations from Patrick Whaley for his May 4, 2009 shooting:

1) He’s already in the garage, carrying stuff, and heard footsteps.

2) He returns back home at 10:30 pm, after a workout, parked his car, got out, and was confronted by 3 men.

3) All he needed was a couple of lamps, so he headed back to his SUV in the parking garage.

From his interview with the Postgame, Patrick Whaley said:     

“He was still attending Georgia Tech, and It was move-in day at his new Atlanta apartment. Whaley was carrying the third or fourth load when he heard footsteps.”


“around 10:30, Patrick Whaley returned to his apartment building at Northside Drive and Tenth Street, after having finished a workout. He parked his car and got out and was confronted by three men"


“All he needed was a couple of lamps, so he headed back to his SUV”

“Footsteps pounded across the parking garage”

Whaley couldn’t contain his anger”;

“Just get the hell out of here before someone gets hurt.”

“the gunman would tell police that Whaley was so calm that it scared him”.

I’m scared as well, because the world and I have no shot at the truth!!!  

Patrick Whaley’s “BS METER” never stops!!

“By the fourth year of his five-year engineering program, Whaley had produced prototypes of the shirt that he used while training as a semiprofessional bodybuilder”.

1) What shirt?

2) Why did he make prototypes of a random shirt?

3) Like I have supplied for the entire world to see, where is a photo of ONE, or ANY of these pre-Georgia Tech (IPC), 2007, 2008 HISTORIC "prototypes"??? They have NEVER been featured anywhere!!

From his interview from, Patrick Whaley said:

“I used my shirt to bring myself back to life.”

"When Whaley finalized his design using computer-aided design software, he ordered hydrogel from a medical supplier to create the weighted inserts of the shirt. He couldn’t find seamstresses willing to create his prototype, so he taught himself to sew by watching YouTube tutorials."

1) What year did Whaley use the computer-aided design software, and what academic class?

2) What is the name of this medical supplier? On the transcript, he purchased gel from a “Hardware store”.

3) What year, and what YouTube tutorials did Patrick watch?

From his interview with the infusionsoft, Patrick Whaley said:

"TITIN has come a long way from hand-sewn prototypes"

"Patrick took his grandmother’s sewing machine, watched online tutorials, and generated his first prototype."

Ironically, Patrick and Daymond’s first prototype stories are IDENTICAL. Daymond John also used his mother’s sewing machine to create his first prototype. Unfortunately this is another fictional story. Patrick used the InVenture Prize experts and their classrooms to create his prototypes, NOT tutorials.

1) Like I have supplied, where is a photo of ONE or ANY of these pre-Georgia Tech, 2007, 2008, or January, February, March, April, May, 2009 HISTORIC "prototypes"??? They have NEVER been featured anywhere!!

Patrick “also sweet-talked his way into an unscheduled meeting with the strength and conditioning coach for the Steelers”

“I want people to be inspired by my story: If he can do it, we all can do it,”

He is correct, if he can sell BS, we all can sell BS!!!

“Whaley could barely stand when he was released from the hospital 17 days later,”

From his interview with the WSBTV, Patrick Whaley said:

May 20, 2009,

1) How could this May 20, 2009 interview be possible? Patrick was “released” 17 days later from the hospital, after May 4, 2009.

May 4, add 17 days, is May 21, NOT May 20!!!

"Whaley is already working again on one of his inventions, a weighted training shirt for athletes."

2) This May 20, 2009 article is three months after I began speaking with Cindy Belt.

3) As stated below, it is SIX weeks before Patrick sees his COMPLETED weighted shirt in the closet.

4) Why would he be “working again”, since, a very good shirt prototype, which brought him “back to life”, was sitting “in his closet”??

5) The 2009 InVenture Prize Contest (IPC) was perfect for him, NOT the 2010 IPC.

6) Patrick had the 2010 IPC classrooms to allow him to create a weighted shirt at a rapid pace. I used trial and error!!

Patrick also had his mother (Deborah “DJ” Whaley) and employee (Scott Hakim) make odd statements. Then GT/IPC chairman (Ray Vito), accidently tells me the truth!

7)  @ the 51min Point.

When the IPC host asked DJ, when did Patrick come up with his invention? AND since (, “founded TITIN Tech in the basement of his home”, “During his high school years, sketches were drawn and not too long after that, prototypes were being made”

She replies; “he’s been inventing since he was born”. Her generic answer was due to DJ knowing he stole his invention!!

8) 12/08/14 my email to TITIN/Scott Hakim.

Can a student apply for the InVenture Prize Contest more than once? E.g. as a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior?

Scott Hakim:  “As a student you compete 1 time.”

9) Because I thought Scott’s answer seemed odd, I contacted the IPC and directly spoke with Ray Vito.

Salah: Can a student apply for the InVenture Prize Contest more than once? E.g. as a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior?

Ray: “YES they can” apply up to 5 times.

From his interview from, Patrick Whaley said:

Nov, 3, 2015

"Frustrated by his lack of progress after six weeks of therapy, Whaley was looking in his closet one day when he noticed his weighted shirt."

“After two weeks of wearing the shirt, Whaley says he noticed more results than after six weeks of physical therapy.”

1) I guess there’s NO need for physical therapists everyone can just purchase a Patrick Shirt??

If this weighted shirt was in his closet after six weeks of therapy, and was in obvious excellent working condition, AND “During his high school years, sketches were drawn,” AND TITIN “was founded in 2005 in his dorm room,” AND this shirt was manufactured after his “1000 sheets of Gel” purchase in “2007”, AND this prototype was manufactured before the start of the January 10, 2009 InVenture prize Contest. THEN, it only makes common and logical sense, the 2009, NOT the 2010 InVenture Prize Contest was Patrick Whaley's Goal.

1) AGAIN, where is a photo of this HISTORICAL shirt?

It’s my belief Patrick thinks his November 2015 article explains his prior lies and contradictions. This article never states what kind of weighted shirt (Gel, Brick, Cement, or Iron…)   Patrick Whaley’s “BS METER” never stops!!

The following Patrick Whaley contradictions have been copied/pasted from the May 20 Court Tab.

I finally had Patrick Whaley on the stand, and I was not going to miss my opportunity. Based on Judge Bagley’s word and my documentation from April 30, I was only prepared for 30 minutes to present my case, so I did not bring any of my questions to ask Patrick. But the morning of May 20, Judge Bagley changed his mind and stated I could now ask Patrick questions. I was shocked but I was not going to miss my opportunity; I just decided I was going to wing it and ask questions solely based from memory. I was making great strides, and Judge Bagley was furious; he instantly crushed my momentum again with the pounding of his gavel and the raising of his voice. I was asking great questions, which Patrick Whaley was stumbling for answers.

Salah Zabian (SZ): Can you contact Karin and have her complete an Affidavit?

Patrick Whaley (PW): I don’t know how to contact her.

SZ: When did you purchase your first sheet of gel?

PW: in 2007

SZ: Where did you purchase your first sheet of gel?

PW: I don’t remember

SZ: You don’t remember; I’ve been hit in the head thousands of times and you don’t remember.  I can recall every portion of my invention in an instant and you don’t remember. You’re a graduate of GT with a mechanical engineering degree and are supposed to be an intelligent guy and you can’t remember.

Let me ask again; where did you purchase your first sheet of gel?

PW: From a hardware store

SZ: What was the name of this hardware store?

PW: I don’t remember.

SZ: What hardware store sells gel?

PW: I bought Gel from a medical supply company (as Patrick stares at his attorneys for assistance).

SZ: What was the name of this Medical Supply Company?

PW: I don’t remember

SZ: You don’t remember; I’ve been hit in the head thousands of times and you don’t remember.  I can recall every portion of my invention in an instant and you don’t remember.

SZ: Do you have any receipts or proof you purchased this gel?

PW: I guess I can get them

Judge Bagley slams his gavel AGAIN; and my day was over:

Judge: Mr. Zabian, I don’t like your line of questioning, and you sit down. Mr. Whaley you can sit down now and you don’t have to answer any more questions. 

SZ: Judge, I’m just trying to ask questions and receive answers. I thought you told me I could ask questions of Patrick on the stand and when he's sitting, I have to listen.

Judge: That is correct. This is not a deposition; you can’t ask those questions.

So now I’m frustrated; but still keeping my cool, I’m trying to understand what just occurred, but I kept going. I knew I was doomed; so I figured just keep talking and see what happens. I went into a 3 minute communication to the court, I kept stating to the judge and Patrick Whaley that all I want is answers; and now I can’t ask any more questions. All I want is answers to my questions. This judge stated I was getting redundant and before I knew it, there was 3 additional security guards added to this court room with ZERO public attendance.

I repeatedly told Patrick all I want is answers, and he sat there directly staring and LAUGHING at me, because he knew his lawyers had set me up and this judge steamrolled me because I was completing a pro se case and there was nothing I could do about it.

Patrick Whaley is NO entrepreneur or innovator. He’s just a guy who stole my invention and is Living a Lie.