The difference between the 2009 & 2010 InVenture Prize Contest is EXTREMELY relevant. Based on common sense and the Timeline, it was impossible for Patrick to create his own idea!!!

While a student living at Georgia Tech, Patrick Whaley was shot during an armed robbery on May 4, 2009 (for him, a BLESSING IN DISGUISE), and due to his injury, he was left with a scar. Because of this scar, Patrick needs a GEL healing mechanism to reduce scar tissue (as he clearly explains with MANY online articles).

Patrick Whaley stated

"I used TITIN for an hour a day for 2 weeks heating the gels to help remove scar tissue,” Whaley said.

This was NOT possible!!! TITIN was not created in 2009 during or before his injury. TITIN and “Omegawear” were only created months after he called Cindy to purchase healing Gel to “remove scar tissue”. The creation of TITIN and “Omegawear” has NEVER been documented ANYWHERE pre 2010 and the Georgia Tech InVenture Prize Contest!!!

In May of 2009, he calls Southwest Technology Gel Manufacturer and speaks with Cindy Belt to inquire about their scar reducing Gel products. Southwest Technology “gel products are used for human rehabilitation by heating and cooling”. As described in emails as well as court documents, Cindy is the ONLY person Patrick and I spoke with to purchase and manufacture all of our Gel prototypes. Because Cindy was the only person we spoke with, Patrick, Cindy, Karin, and Southwest Technologies had to manufacture a false Affidavit in court to cover their tracks!!!

This shooting was perfect timing for Patrick, because:

1) March 12, 2009 I speak with Cindy (Confidentiality Agreement).

2) March 27, 2009 I purchase and manufacture my FIRST Gel prototype (Confidentiality Agreement).

3) April 21, 2009 I purchase and manufacture my SECOND Gel prototype (Confidentiality Agreement).

4) May 4, 2009 Patrick gets shot.

5) May 11-15 Patrick calls Southwest Technology and during these calls, Cindy breaks her own company policy and the three Confidentiality Agreements she and I ALREADY had in place to protect my invention.

6) It was five months AFTER the start of the January 10, 2009, Georgia Tech InVenture Prize Contest.

7) It was three months BEFORE the start of Patrick’s senior year on August 17, 2009, and the 2010 Georgia Tech, InVenture Prize Contest (IPC).

He enters and wins this 2010 IPC with “Omegawear” which is the IDENTICAL invention I manufactured. 

Patrick Whaley had his hand held by the InVenture Prize Experts throughout this entire process, which made it impossible for him to screw things up!!! My experience was getting my head bashed in!!!!

When Patrick Whaley won the 2010 InVenture Prize Contest he was able to receive the following:

a. Winners will receive a cash prize of $15,000, a free US patent filing by Georgia Tech's Office of Technology Licensing (valued at approximately $20,000) and business services to pursue commercialization, such as funding opportunities, office space, market vetting and mentorship by faculty and industry entrepreneurs.

b. A spot on Shark Tank, investment of at least $500,000 for 20% in partnership with Daymond John, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Rogue Fitness, the NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, PGA, Olympic Teams, ESPN the Magazine, USA Today, CNN Health, Men’s Fitness,, USA Today Sports, GQ, and teams from all across the world and many more….

c. at least $15 Million in revenue

My Nike, Under Armour, and TITIN, 2014 Emails:

-July 29, 2014 I sent identical invention emails to Nike & Under Armour (UA) hoping I would receive a positive response.

-July 30, 2014 Nike Response

 You need a patent/patent pending before Nike will speak to you. / Nike.Com Customer Service.

-September 29, 2014 RESPONSE from UA Ideas Team

Dear Salah,

Thank you for submitting an entry for the 2014 Under Armour Future Show Innovation Challenge!

Unfortunately we are not going to extend an invitation  for your idea “365 All Seasons Training Apparel/Gear” as we do not see synchronization with our current and future product lines at this time.

 “Under Armour has been receiving ideas from the outside since our humble beginnings in 1996, therefore we have heard a lot of the same ideas, many times.” Team Under Armour

The reason Under Armour had “heard a lot of the same ideas, many times” was because Patrick Whaley had already submitted MY prototypes and invention to them and won $10,000 from the same Future Show Innovation Challenge.

October 31, 2014 my IMMEDIATE  email to TITIN after viewing Shark Tank.

My name is Salah Zabian and I have just watched the Shark Tank Show and I have manufactured 4 Identical/Similar weighted jerseys / gear. I have 4 prototypes I began designing in 2002. My first weighted vest was made from rubber. The last 3 where designed from gel, which I purchased and had manufactured by a wet suit manufacturer.

I first approached a similar television show in the LA area in 2004. I then approached a Patent lawyer via a television commercial/ad. I completed Patent paperwork, but never had my idea patented/patented pending.

I also thought to submit my idea to Shark Tank, but you arrived first. Last month I approached Under Armour idea submission.

This product is a great idea, with tremendous potential. I am interested with any communication.

October 31, 2014  RESPONSE

Thank you for your interest in TITIN! Let me know if there is anything we can do for you!