Because of my frustration with the lack of acknowledgment and courtesy I received from everyone’s Gimmicks and Nonsense, Lies, and Contradictions, I moved to the state of Georgia from Massachusetts and filed pro-se suit against Patrick Whaley, TITIN and its employees, business partner Daymond John, GT and the InVenture Prize Contest, and Southwest Technology. I was trying to fight for what is legally mine, based on the 2010 Georgia Code.

Description of Relevant Section of the 2010 Georgia Code:

An action for misappropriation must be brought within Five Years after the misappropriation is discovered (October 31, 2014) or should have been discovered.

2010 Georgia Code
§ 10-1-761 - Definitions

O.C.G.A. 10-1-761 (2010)
10-1-761. Definitions

a. "Improper means" b. "Misappropriation" c. "Trade secret"

My actions in response to the colluding parties fall well within the criteria of the Georgia Code.

Judge Jeffrey Bagley RULED & AGREED as stated within the May 20, 2015 Court Transcript, I met “two out of three portions” of the 2010 Georgia Code and I was missing the third portion, which was confidentiality.

As this judge was reading his decision, I quickly stopped him and showed him where my FIVE documented confidentiality agreements were located within his files. (This judge had my FIVE Agreements in his possession for two months prior to this court date, but never chose to read them.) Regardless of me pointing them out, he stated they were not good enough and this case could not go to trial.

In contrast to Patrick’s defense Judge Bagley’s decision meant the following.   

1) I, Salah Zabian, am the 100% ORIGINAL inventor of the world’s first weighted compression shirt manufactured with Gel.

2) Patrick Whaley and his employees, Cindy Belt, Karin Kennedy, and Southwest Technology, and the Georgia Tech InVenture Prize Contest 100% Fabricated Fraudulent and Misleading Emails, Testimonies, and Affidavit.

IRONICALLY, Confidentiality was NEVER Patrick, Cindy, Karin, or Southwest Technologies defense. From the very beginning, before any court dates ALL of their replies clearly and loudly stated Patrick Whaley Conceived and Invented the World’s First Weighted Compression Gear by himself and I accidentally had the same idea.