Daymond John, SharkTank, Amazon, Walmart, and Patrick Whaley FRAUD! (June 2023)

“Quiet is complicit” Dan Le Batard. This website explains how Dan Le Batard & Mark Cuban are Geniuses, and how ABC, SharkTank (October 31, 2014), Daymond John, BET, Amazon, Walmart, Samsung, Dick's Sporting Goods, Under Armour, Georgia Tech, and a Georgia Judge, are COMPLICIT in Fraud! “ABC Celebrates Living Legend: Daymond John” is a misquote. It should read ABC is Celebrating A Living Conman and Fraud: Daymond John. Daymond John has taught Patrick Whaley as long as you can make him Millions of Dollars, it’s ok to Lie, Steal, and Cheat. Daymond John and Patrick Whaley are not entrepreneurs and innovators, they are thieves! Daymond John and Patrick Whaley have made Millions of Dollars by stealing my invention of the world's FIRST weighted compression shirt manufactured with Gel with the direct assistance of Southwest Technologies, Cindy Belt & Karin Kennedy, also thieves!

Mark Cuban, who is a SharkTank host and owner of the (NBA) Dallas Mavericks, has “returned” his TITIN shirts and REMOVED the Dallas Mavericks logo from Daymond John’s www.titintech.com website because Mr. Cuban believes my story and he also understands his Patrick Whaley "BS METER" was correct on SharkTank October 31, 2014.

Daymond John, SharkTank, and Patrick Whaley have based their entire (TITIN) www.titintech.com company on Fraud and Lies. Patrick Whaley has successfully done this by preying on people’s emotions, utilizing his Georgia Tech (Blessing in Disguise for Him) shooting as a catalyst for greed.

                                                  December 2008                       March 2009                         April 2009                        December 2010

                     These photos represent my invention of a Gel Weighted Compression Shirt, prior to Patrick Whaley.

I, Salah Zabian (pugilist), with a master's degree, have taken many punches to the head trying to locate the best material for my invention. I envisioned my own entrepreneurship skills by utilizing years of trial and error. I invented TWO (four in total) prototypes of the world’s FIRST and ONLY Weighted Compression Shirt manufactured with Gel before Cindy Belt and Patrick Whaley STOLE my invention. As I moved to and from many locations throughout the country, my invention suffered, due to poor judgment and decision making. But I always tried many different materials before I accidently located a pair of Dr. Scholl’s Gel Inserts, Southwest Technologies and Cindy Belt. It took Cindy Belt and Patrick Whaley only three months to intentionally ignore my THREE (Cindy Belt) confidentiality agreements and years of work to create an ambiguous and illegal partnership with Georgia Tech and The InVenture Prize Contest, Under Armour, SharkTank (October 31, 2014), and Daymond John. In 2014, these prototypes also led me to contact Nike and Under Armour for guidance, but Patrick had already received money from Under Armour with my invention.

Since the airing of this episode, my invention has generated at least $100,000,000 in sales for business partners Amazon, Samsung, Daymond John, and Patrick Whaley.

Because I always kept meticulous notes, records, and emails from each person and business I contacted during my invention. Starting on November 3, 2014, I began a 7 week investigation to discover how Patrick Whaley came up with his version of my invention. I sent emails and made phone calls, asking questions of Patrick Whaley and his Lawyers, Georgia Tech, Cindy Belt, and Southwest Technologies (SWT).

When I completed my investigation on December 12, 2014, I sent them a 26 page document, filled with facts, demonstrating how Patrick stole my invention with the direct assistance of Cindy Belt. Cindy works for Gel manufacturer SWT, whose Gel specializes in human rehabilitation. In 2009, Cindy Belt and SWT was the ONLY person and company Patrick and I used to purchase our Gel sheets from in order to manufacture our identical prototypes.

The information below and within the remaining Tabs explain how I manufactured Two Gel based prototypes in March and April of 2009. These prototypes were completed one and two months prior to Patrick calling Cindy in May 2009 to purchase a SEPARATE Gel device, in order "to help remove scar tissue"; he suffered from his May 4, 2009 shooting. Cindy then ignores the THREE confidentiality agreements between her company and me and tells Patrick all the details about my invention. Three months later Patrick takes the success and failures of my prototypes and enters the Georgia Tech InVenture Prize Contest. When Patrick enters this contest he has NOT created a single prototype, he only enters with an idea. The sole purpose of this contest is to allow invention experts to assist each student with every aspect of their prototype or idea; making it extremely difficult for Patrick to mess things up.   

Because my invention has created millions of dollars, and I chose to go it alone without a lawyer in court (pro-se style), and because my invention has made it to the White House, NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, PGA, Olympic Teams, ESPN the Magazine, and Hollywood, the truth is not an option for Patrick, Cindy, Karin, SWT, GT, and Judge Jeffrey Bagley. I can prove EACH word I have written; the others continue to use Lies, Gimmicks, and Nonsense.

I can ONLY assume the reason Mark Cuban replied to my emails below and "returned" his Dallas Mavericks TITIN products was due to him realizing Patrick Whaley is being recognized for an invention he did NOT create.


November 17 and 18, 2015, Mark Cuban and my emails:

Salah: "How come the Dallas Mavericks are a client of TITIN"?

Mr. Cuban: “We returned them

Salah: "Since you returned their product. Why does TITIN still list the Mavericks as a client on their website?"

Mr. Cuban: “Ask them"

Salah: "Mr. Cuban, Thanks for your honesty and respect. This is my battle, and I'll continue to fight for what is rightfully mine. Patrick Whaley is a fraud, who contradicts himself on a daily basis with his own posts and online interviews."

(After these emails, Mr. Cuban asked Patrick Whaley and Daymond John to remove the Dallas Mavericks Logo (False Advertising) from titintech.com)

I can ONLY assume that Mr. Cuban now understands why he exploded at Patrick Whaley with his "BS Meter," during the SharkTank October 31, 2014 episode.

I can ONLY assume Mr. Cuban understands why this Patrick Whaley "medium.com” article (below) is BS, since the Dallas mavericks have “returned” their TITIN shirts. (It’s one thing to lie; it’s another to build your entire business based on lies.)

November 3, 2015  https://medium.com/@Infusionsoft/the-shooting-victim-whose-invention-brought-him-back-to-life-ab0a2e9a6072#.zh9yz57rt    

"The client list on TITIN's website now includes more than 25 other pro and college teams --- even the Cuban-owned Mavericks." 

May 5, 2015  http://www.thepostgame.com/blog/futuresport/201504/patrick-whaley-finding-success-titin-after-appearance-shark-tank  

“worn by professional athletes like Paul Millsap of the Atlanta Hawks”

September 2015, Paul Millsap, on the first tee of a golf course, told me to my face:
"I bought their product, and they contacted me. I do NOT use their product. I don't know why my name is listed" as a client on titintech.com.

October 31, 2014, https://timmceneny.wordpress.com/2014/10/31/shark-tank-episode-aired-october-31-2014/
Tim McEneny SharkTank Blog;
"I have a funny feeling this deal will never be consummated, once it goes thru the due diligence process."
"I just had a bad feeling about this deal." 

Key Participants:
1. Salah Zabian: I am a retired professional fighter with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business. I have fought throughout the US and Canada, completing 17 professional and 55 amateur boxing matches and 5 professional MMA matches.

2. Daymond John: a SharkTank host and owner of FUBU. He has invested at least $500,000 and became at minimum a 20% owner in TITIN, LLC.

President Obama, Maria Contreras-Sweet (Small Business Administration), and Penny Pritzker (Secretary of Commerce), have chosen Daymond John to be a Presidential Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship. I have contacted President Obama, Maria and Penny to state that Daymond John is allowing BIG money and corruption to CRUSH the little man Entrepreneur!!! I have not yet received a response.

3. Patrick Whaley: CEO of TITIN, LLC (www.titintech.com), graduated as a mechanical engineer from Georgia Tech in May of 2010. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TITIN, a Georgia-based business, which manufactures and sells Weighted Athletic Compression Gear made with a Gel Base.

a. Scott Hakim, Operations Manager with TITIN
b. Attorneys Dana Miles (Cumming, GA) John Bowler (Atlanta, GA), and Michele Kandcer

4. Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech / GT) and its “InVenture Prize Contest” (IPC). (www.inventureprize.gatech.edu)
The InVenture Prize Contest is an innovation competition, open to all GT undergraduate and recent graduates to foster creativity, invention, and entrepreneurship. It is held annually at GT, with its inaugural competition beginning on January 10, 2009. When a student enters the IPC, each has the ability to take IPC classes, which are designed to assist the student through every step of the invention process.

Patrick Whaley won the March 17, 2010 IPC, with “Omegawear", a weighted shirt manufactured with Gel. Based on common sense and my investigation the January 10, 2009 IPC was Patrick Whaley's goal NOT the 2010 IPC. 

a. Laura Diamond, National Media Relations Georgia Tech
b. Ray Vito, Vice Provost (InVenture Prize Contest) with Georgia Tech

5. Southwest Technologies (SWT) (elastogel.com)

Southwest Technology manufactures, markets, and distributes various Gel-based products, including Gel healing products (such as shoulder wraps that can be heated or cooled), Gel sheets, and custom shaped products made with gels. Their Gel products are used for a wide variety of purposes, including human rehabilitation by heating and cooling. As stated by Patrick, human rehabilitation is the ONLY reason Patrick contacted Southwest Technologies after his shooting!!!

"I used TITIN for an hour a day for 2 weeks heating the gels to help remove scar tissue." "Whaley said"

a. Dr. Edward Stout, PhD., Owner and Founder
b. John Phillips, President
c. Cindy Belt / Customer Account Representative
d. Karin Kennedy / Customer Account Representative.

In 6 Months during our MANY emails and conversations from all previously mentioned, Karin Kennedy was NEVER introduced, and I NEVER knew she existed. Then, AMAZINGLY during my pro-se case (without a lawyer), on May 20 2015, her name was introduced and she became a VITAL part of Patrick Whaley’s defense. Because Cindy was the only person we spoke with, Patrick, Cindy, Karin, and Southwest Technologies had to manufacture a false Affidavit in court to cover their tracks!!! (The Kangaroo Court, April, and May Tab, explains this dysfunction)

6. Judge Jeffrey Bagley, Forsyth County Superior Court, GA (File #15CV0487-1)

During and after my investigation, the responses and legal documents I received were filled with lies, gimmicks, and nonsense. Because my words meant nothing, I moved from Massachusetts to the state of Georgia and filed a pro-se case against Patrick Whaley and TITIN, LLC within the Forsyth County, GA Superior Court. My case was based on the 2010 Georgia Code: "Improper means," "Misappropriation," and "Trade secret." This law clearly states a person has 5 years to file a case after discovering this Misappropriation (October 31, 2014), for which I filed within 5 months after, on March 18, 2015 (File #15CV0487-1).

In Hindsight, my decision to go it alone and file a pro-se case to compete against a new Entrepreneurial movement in the state of Georgia was naive! At the time, I did not realize that Atlanta is becoming the Entrepreneurial capital of the world, whose entrepreneurs are being monitored by the White House and Billionaires. My pro-se case never had a chance to compete with the millions of dollars being invested in these programs and the thousands of jobs being created by Daymond John, the Georgia Tech InVenture Prize Contest and Invention Studio, Startup Atlanta, Atlanta Tech Village, and business leaders highlighted on the Dreams to Dollars TV show. My case would make waves for many powerful people and undermine the entrepreneur image Atlanta was promoting for itself.

Before court and especially today, it was never my intention to stop progress; I simply want to be acknowledged for being the first person in the world to invent a new way of training.

There is only ONE answer to all this mess. Either I am lying; or Daymond, Patrick, Cindy, and Karin are lying. There is NO in between!!!